Get great coffee at these three new coffee shops in LA

We’ve almost made it, guys. The week is almost over and all we need is a little liquid fuel to get us to the weekend. Thankfully, a few new coffee shops have opened to keep it interesting. Check out these thcoffeeree java houses for a mid-day buzz.

The Fika Co. (Redondo Beach): Sip on Columbian specialty coffee in Redondo Beach’s the Fika Co., a sleek java shop with leather couches and copper-hued accents. Fika takes pride in sourcing their coffee directly from producers before roasting the beans in small-batches at their shop. Everything from black coffee to matcha chai is available, and non-dairy milks are offered at no extra charge.

BrewWell (Hollywood): Koreatown’s popular coffee shop has made moves to Hollywood, where they continue to sell outstanding cold brew, pastries and a number of other coffee selections. Homemade pop tarts include red wine and fig, along with salted caramel cookies and lavender pistachio scones.

GiorgiPorgi (Downtown): It may sound like a nursery rhyme, but GiorgiPorgi is as grown up as coffee shops come. The moss-lined walls form a cave of sorts, leading patrons into a chic tunnel where drinks like the Shakerato (think: a shaken iced latte) are served in ceramic mugs that magically balance on their edges. A neon light fixture squiggles above—hyped up on caffeine, too, it seems.

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