Starbucks EL SALVADOR Single Origin Medium Roast Coffee

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Originated from the Salvador Avachapan region, the citrus fruit is tonal and smooth with a milky chocolate flavor, and the tail rhyme is accompanied by a black cocoa aroma.

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Salvador Avachapan Coffee comes from a historic land. Located in the western part of El Salvador, Ahuachapán was founded in the 5th century by the Mayan tribe. Coffee beans were introduced to El Salvador in the late 1770s. It is said that in the late 18th century, the first batch of coffee was found in the fields by two farmers in Awachapan. The coffee was planted in the Apaenca-Lamatepec, where the coffee is full of native plants and volcanic soil. Reflection.

Salvador Avachapan coffee is grown from a long-established family that has been engaged in the cultivation, processing, and export of coffee beans since 1890. The farm is located in one of the most active volcanoes in the region, Santa Ana. Volcano or Ilamatepec) nearby. At high altitudes, the warm and cool nights of the day create perfect terroir conditions that delay the growth of coffee berries and are rich in fertile volcanic soils that contribute to the growth of coffee trees. Coffee trees grow in the shade of native plants, and these native plants are also available for nitrogen fixation.

It is rich in nutrients in the soil.

The Salvador Avachapan coffee is washed with water. The water is mainly used in the hot spring water source near the manor, which is a very rare way in the world.

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