Starbucks Colombia Coffee


Six thousand feet–straight up. Sounds extreme, we know. But high atop the majestic Andes, in a rugged landscape of simmering volcanoes, is where the finest coffee beans in Colombia grow. This Colombian marvel erupts on the palate with a juicy feel and robust flavors, a testament to the hearty riches of volcanic soils. Its remarkable finish, dry with hints of walnut, lifts this superior coffee into a class of its own.


Product Description

This Colombian Starbucks coffee blend marvel erupts on the surface with a juicy feel and strong flavors, a testament to the hearty wealth of volcanic soils. Its outstanding end, dry with hints of walnut, lifts this superior occasional into a category of its own. One sip and you’ll agree its value each step of the climb.

  • Colombia is a medium-bodied coffee that is rich with juicy undertones and a crisp, nutty finish
  • Medium-roasted coffees are smooth and balanced with rich, approachable flavors
  • Enjoy the Starbucks coffee you love without leaving the house
  • For finest taste, use cold, filtered water and store ground coffee in a cool, dark place
  • Each pack includes a 12-ounce bag of ground Starbucks coffee

Starbucks Medium Roast Coffee
Smooth and balanced, our medium-roast coffees are perfect for every coffee break.

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