Starbucks Kenya Coffee

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Rising above vast deserts, grassy plains and ancient lava flows, the mountains of Kenya are renowned for growing some of the world’s most prized coffees.

For this refined blend, we started with coffee from Kenya and then coaxed out its bright sweetness with balanced East African beans. Every intriguing sip reveals hints of tropical fruit and brown sugar.

Suggested food pairing: Grapefruit, Berry Cobbler or Muffins.


Unmistakable notes of grapefruit and black currant found in no other origin.

Kenya’s high altitudes, ideal climate, and strong traditions have helped put premium Kenyan coffees like this one among the world’s most treasured. And as it did when we introduced it in 1971, Kenya continues to astound our expert tasters and customers alike with flavors not commonly ascribed to coffee. Bright with juicy acidity, low wine notes and fruity flavors—ranging from black currant and blackberry to tart grapefruit—that become more pronounced as the coffee cools, Kenya is delicious served over ice and an important ingredient in our iced-coffee blends.



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